Manage inventory, sales and customers at any time! Anywhere!

SHOPLINE POS is the software package that offers a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. From inventory management, customer point of sales to accurate business data records, SHOPLINE POS can effectively help you to manage all of them at once.

Have customers from both your retail store and online website?

Retail store owners like you can now use SHOPLINE POS to run the business concurrently with our e-commerce website*, ultimately giving you an opportunity to achieve total O2O (Online-to-Offline) business coverage.

*SHOPLINE E-commerce / Social Commerce plans are separately sold. Refer here for plans and pricing.

Combined with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, our system helps you to build strong customer retention! Read more.

Scale up your retail business now with SHOPLINE POS and manage sales from multiple channels!

What can you do with SHOPLINE POS?

Complete customer checkout at your fingertips!

No more manual tracking and potential loss of data due to human errors! Process instant customer checkout at your retail store! From closing sales, completing checkouts, arranging pre-orders to issuing refunds. Our POS allows you to quickly key in information be it sales amount or customer data at your fingertips!

Unified inventory tracking

Synchronize and manage your business sales and inventory count across multiple platforms which includes SHOPLINE POS for your retail outlets, SHOPLINE E-commerce website and SHOPLINE Social Commerce (Facebook LIVE / Messenger).  See unified reports on the main admin panel or view retail specific transaction details on the POS dashboard. 

Multiple retail store support

Have multiple branches? SHOPLINE POS supports to 10 retail stores. You can even assign multiple employees to manage your retail POS and it comes with a clock in/out capability! Everything you need to know in one place.

Track customer habits to build loyalty

Be it store retail or online websites! Build your customer base and stay in touch. Collect basic information, assign tags or keep notes for your frequent customers to remember their preferences at your store. Learn more about their shopping habits to suggest new items or encourage repeat purchases.

Designed to fit a diverse range of retail businesses…

Merchants who benefitted from using SHOPLINE POS!

We sell online and retail business through SHOPLINE system. SHOPLINE POS system helps us to manage customer data and inventory stock for both channels at the same time.

We used to record all of our sales via Microsoft Excel, but soon we realised that we needed an efficient POS to automate our work. SHOPLINE POS system helps us a lot because it is very simple to use and there are always new features launched.

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