Boost your sales online with WhatsApp and manage your orders easily

SHOPLINE WhatsApp Commerce gives you the tools to stay connected with your customers and sell on WhatsApp. You can also manage your orders and payments, generate custom checkout links, and so much more — all in one system. Fast, easy, and convenient!

No software installation required

Browser-based and web-based

Safe and protected cloud server

What can you do with
SHOPLINE WhatsApp Commerce?

Share checkout links

You can easily share a direct checkout link with your customers to complete their purchase on WhatsApp.

Auto-sync your inventory with your SHOPLINE Admin Panel

Say bye-bye to manually updating your product inventories and orders as it will automatically sync with your Admin Panel. 

Wave goodbye to abandoned carts

You can set an automated checkout reminder message to your customers to complete their orders.

Collect customer data via membership programs

Customers who sign up for your shop’s membership will have their details automatically saved to your database.

How does it work?


Facebook Store Plan


Integrate your Facebook Shop with order, inventory, payments and delivery systems

Order/payment plugin for your Facebook LIVE shows

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Generate WhatsApp checkout links

All you need is a subscription of SHOPLINE Facebook
Store Plan
 to start!

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