Digital marketing gets your website seen.

When Amy’s brownies were not selling on her e-commerce website, digital marketing with SHOPLINE made a difference. Let’s follow her story!


Amy has no sales.

Amy has set up an e-commerce website, but sales is not rolling in. She is wondering what she is doing wrong and what can be done to improve her situation.

Amy needs digital marketing!

Digital marketing is about getting your website discovered. We have an entry level package for you, but in case you want to know more, scroll down and read!

A funnel is fun to use!

We are going to explain how SHOPLINE decides which types of ads Amy should use.

Are people searching for Amy when they are looking for brownies?

When people are searching for brownies near Amy's location, we decided to pay to get Amy's website link bumped up in Google's search results.

No one is searching for Amy's brownies.

When no one is searching for Amy's brownies, we can push social media ads (Facebook and Instagram) to people who had a history of buying desserts, looking at food channels and many varieties of online behaviour.

When all the ads are done.

The ultimate goal of these ads is to help Amy drive traffic to her website.

Can Amy afford it?

Amy paid SHOPLINE a service fee to help her manage her ads. Amy also paid Facebook, Instagram and Google for the advertisements (ad spends).

Amy's brownies flew off the racks!

When done correctly, Amy's website will get a lot of attention and love! With the right marketing promotions, Amy's brownie sales will continue to pick up steadily.

Package includes all-in-one digital marketing solutions to ensure your business stands out from the rest!

Reach your potential customers, across millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like YouTube and Gmail.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Drive online sales and traffic by targeting potential customers

who are searching terms that are related to your products/services.

Google Search Ads

Reach the right shoppers with the right products,

whether they’re at home, on the go, or in-store. (Long-term strategy: To get started, you will need a website!)

Google Shopping

Promote your products / services to the right people. Target the customers you really want, based on age, 

interests, behaviours, and locations.

Facebook Ads

Boost awareness among a highly engaged audience

via Stories ads, Instagram feed ads and more.

Instagram Ads

Build your brand and raise awareness  with targeted ads on Youtube.  Be seen where everyone is watching. (Note: Video Production is a separate fee).

Youtube Ads

We prepare compelling write ups and attention-grabbing headlines that are aligned to your marketing objectives.

Ad Copywriting

We study your products / business to design attractive Facebook ads that attract potential customers.


We provide clear and easy-to-understand reports every week to show you the results of your ad campaigns.

Weekly Report

Successful ads done by SHOPLINE


For RM2500 SHOPLINE Fee only, our digital marketing specialist will work hard to push your ads and increase your website's visibility. Your ad spend amount can be tailored according to your budget and campaign specifics. For more details, please WhatsApp us today!

SHOPLINE has been amazingly helpful and friendly. I was honestly stuck in a rut and I could not move any brownies through my website. I get more online enquiries now and my brownie sales has increased steadily.

Amy Mahsuri

Our collaborations and acknowledgements

SHOPLINE has spent enough on facebook ads to earn this badge and assistance that comes with it.

SHOPLINE is a Google Premier Partner with privileges that comes with the badge.

SHOPLINE is MDEC’s eCommerce Initiative Partner for the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap.

SHOPLINE is an e-commerce partner supporting all startups at MaGIC to accelerate with our web-store solution.

SHOPLINE is the technology partner that supports SME’s Corp Pocket Talk Initiatives by providing the solutions and insights in the e-commerce and digital marketing space.

SHOPLINE is partnering with SITEC in supporting their E-commerce masterclasses initiatives to enrich Malaysia SME’s by providing SHOPLINE’s E-commerce solutions.

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