Value-Added Services

Just setting up a webstore is not enough. That is why we are offering a comprehensive list of value-added services that will ensure the success of your online business!

Live Marketing

Under SHOPLINE LIVE Marketing, livestream promoters and influencer marketing are the two services sought after by merchants to break through social commerce. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Digital Marketing

Wonder why no one visits your online store? How can you grow your online sales? The answer is simple! Our digital marketing service can take your business to the next level! Performance marketing has helped businesses convert online visitors to first-time customers, and eventually regular customers.

Ads Management (Facebook / Instagram)

Ads Management will give you a feel of what social media advertising can do to improve your websites' visibility. The plan includes: 

  1. set up FB ads manager
  2. design advertisement (creative and copy)
  3. strategise audience targeting
  4. produce a final report at the end of the campaign.

SHOPLINE Smart Ads System

Simple, fast, effective Facebook ads with AI automation. Replace the middleman with AI. SHOPLINE Smart Ads System cuts through the complexity of the Facebook ads settings for you. You can easily set up ad campaigns through Smart Ads with just a few clicks. With that done, you can kick back and let Smart Ads AI take over and watch your sales increase.

Livestream Shopping

Online sellers are using video livestreams to interact with their customers and give "happy hour" discounts in order to drive sales. SHOPLINE offers both an easy-to-use app to broadcast your video livestreams and promoters-for-hire if you are camera shy! WhatsApp us to know more about our livestream selling service.

Facebook Content Strategy


Starting fee

Convert potential customers to loyal fans on your Facebook Page. DO that by creating interesting content that adds value to your customers! And by posting regularly (at least 3 posts a week!) SHOPLINE can do it for you! Our package includes:

✔ 4 creative images

✔ 4 copywriting

✔ At least 1 post per week to keep your fans updated


Are you still getting customers to pay you manually (i.e. bank transfer)? Wondering how you can reduce your operating expenses? With SHOPLINE, your online store gets All-In-One comprehensive payment solutions! 

SHOPLINE Payments is integrated on your SHOPLINE store, to help you manage your orders and payments seamlessly. Check out our attractive rates! To be eligible, you DO NOT need to be a registered company.


Online payment processing for internet businesses. Stripe™ is a suite of payment APIs that powers commerce for online businesses of all sizes. It allows your customers to pay with their credit and debit cards. To be eligible, you DO NOT need to be a registered company.


PayPal™ is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. PayPal enables merchant to accept customer payment via credit and debit card. To be eligible, you DO NOT need to be a registered company.

Logistics |

We make shipping easier and faster. OneShip is the all-in-one web-based shipping solution for SHOPLINE merchants to manage shipments, book couriers, track parcels, and collect COD payments.


If you already have your domain — FREE OF CHARGE!

You can enter into your domain dashboard, and direct it to your SHOPLINE website. You can get our team to help you direct it to your SHOPLINE website. You are required to provide us with the login and password of your domain dashboard. If you are using Godaddy, you can check out this supporting article (focus on step 4,5,6) here.

If you don’t have a domain …

Option 1: Free Domain | Enjoy a free domain by SHOPLINE. Your URL address will look like this:

Option 2: Pay Us For Custom Domain | We will help you to get a custom domain. Your URL address will look like this: Click here to purchase a custom domain at RM190+ per year*.

Option 3: I Can Do It | You can choose to purchase and register the domain name of your choice on your own too. Provide us access to your domain dashboard. We will support you in domain setting, such as pointing domain to your SHOPLINE website. No service fees will be charged.

*If you decide to terminate your plan with SHOPLINE, and take over your domain, there is a takeover fee of RM270+.


Earn up to 30% gross margins!*

You want to start your online business, but you have no product? Wait no more! We connect you to product suppliers on AliExpress, who can offer high profit margins to you. This means that you only need to focus on selling! Let AliExpress suppliers take care of manufacturing, warehousing, packing and shipping to your customers!

Source for more variety of goods internationally and even more drop shipper discounts to start your online business today!

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