Value-Added Services

Become a successful online merchant with SHOPLINE! Just setting up a webstore is not enough. That is why we are offering a comprehensive list of value-added services that will ensure the success of your online business!

Wonder why no one visits your online store? How can you grow your online sales? The answer is simple! Our digital marketing service can take your business to the next level! Performance marketing has helped businesses convert online visitors to first-time customers, and eventually regular customers.

As low as


Digital Marketing

Known Loved Respected (KLR) by Eric Feng is a program that teaches salespeople (especially network marketers, car sales agents, property agents, insurance agents) how to build your personal brand, so that you can attract sales leads, get more referrals, and convert them into loyal customers. What is this program: 8 online videos and 2 online group coaching. Lifetime access to KLR's resources.

  • Fees: Originally RM 4̶2̶6̶6̶. Now at RM 3410 (Enjoy RM 856 rebate from SHOPLINE when you provide us with your payment proof within 30 days of payment.)

3. Generate Sales Leads

VIP Plan helps you gain more tangible results, such as increase traffic to your website AND valuable data to help you decide who will most likely buy your products/services. The plan includes: 

  1. set up FB ads manager, Google Analytics, Shoplytics
  2. design advertisement (creative and copy)
  3. strategise audience targeting
  4. video calls
  5. weekly reports
  6. detailed presentation at the end of the campaign

2. VIP Plan (Facebook / Instagram / Google)

Ads Management will give you a feel of what social media advertising can do to improve your websites' visibility. The plan includes: 

  1. set up FB ads manager
  2. design advertisement (creative and copy)
  3. strategise audience targeting
  4. produce a final report at the end of the campaign.

1. Ads Management (Facebook / Instagram)

Online sellers are using video livestreams to interact with their customers and give "happy hour" discounts in order to drive sales. SHOPLINE offers both an easy-to-use app to broadcast your video livestreams and promoters-for-hire if you are camera shy! WhatsApp us to know more about our livestream selling service.

4. Livestream Shopping

Are you still getting customers to pay you manually (i.e. bank transfer)? Wondering how you can reduce your operating expenses? With SHOPLINE, your online store gets All-In-One comprehensive payment solutions! 



Razer Merchant Services connects the world's leading brands to multi-currency payment acceptance across Southeast Asia with a single integration. Payment methods ranged from FPX (online banking), credit and debit cards, and cash payments at 7-11 stores (about 2200 outlets), and e-wallets. To be eligible, you must be a registered company with a corporate bank account. E-wallets include: 


Online payment processing for internet businesses. Stripe™ is a suite of payment APIs that powers commerce for online businesses of all sizes. It allows your customers to pay with their credit and debit cards. To be eligible, you DO NOT need to be a registered company.


PayPal™ is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. PayPal enables merchant to accept customer payment via credit and debit card. To be eligible, you DO NOT need to be a registered company.

Delivery Item Restrictions: Please note that service is not available for the items listed here.


JD Logistics, a business group under, which leverages the company’s advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services to businesses across a wide range of industries.

Lalamove is an on-demand and same day delivery company. FAST and RELIABLE express delivery service that connects you with nearby delivery drivers and couriers instantly. Only for Klang Valley.

Deliver within 4 hours—same-day courier delivery service. Leading smart logistics platform in Asia. Saving up to 33% delivery cost. Serves over 10,000+ merchants in Asia.

Convenient and affordable parcel delivery by Pgeon and collect your parcel for free in more than 3000 retail stores including Mynews and 99speedmart.

Zero-fuss order creation

Click and select on the rows of orders you want done, and all the behind-the-scenes codes will run on its own. No more back and forth between dashboards!

One-Click Fulfillment

Simply fulfil created orders with a click of a button. As easy as it gets.

Always Accurate Information

Pull data directly from SHOPLINE to create your orders with Ninja Van. No more wrong orders!

Good news! Now you can arrange for Ninja Van to pick up your orders, just with 1 click on your SHOPLINE merchant admin.

One of the most competitive delivery fees in town! Up and coming courier service with top notch customer satisfaction levels. Try it to believe it! 

Get better rates when you use these partners:



If you already have your domain …

You can enter into your domain dashboard, and direct it to your SHOPLINE website. You can get our team to help you direct it to your SHOPLINE website. You are required to provide us with the login and password of your domain dashboard. If you are using Godaddy, you can check out this supporting article (focus on step 4,5,6) here.

Free of Charge!

*If you decide to terminate your plan with SHOPLINE, and take over your domain, there is a takeover fee of RM 120.

  • Option 1: Free Domain | Enjoy a free domain by SHOPLINE. Your URL address will look like this:
  • Option 2: Pay Us For Custom Domain | We will help you to get a custom domain. Your URL address will look like this: Click here to purchase a custom domain at RM 270 per year*.
  • Option 3: I Can Do It | You can choose to purchase and register the domain name of your choice on your own too. Provide us access to your domain dashboard. We will support you in domain setting, such as pointing domain to your SHOPLINE website. No service fees will be charged.

If you don’t have a domain …


Contact us for a quotation to translate your website content. We can support 3 languages: English, Chinese and Malay.

Get 30% discount when you purchase a package of 10 days.



You could use any words for your website. But words that sell will take your website further. A professionally written website will drive sales. That is a result of your online business being read as a trustworthy and established enterprise. Starts from RM 300 for every 500 words.



*terms and conditions apply.

Tax Consultation

You have no clue online transactions could be taxed or not? No idea how to report your income to the tax authorities? We have a licensed and trained tax consultant who can advise on your specific problems in running your online business and electronic transactions.

Data Entry & Website Maintenance

Contact us for a quotation to:

  1. Copy your existing products (from another website / online store) onto your website. 
  2. Regular maintenance of your website. This includes checking for issues and keeping it updated.

Get 30% discount when you purchase a package of 10 days.


*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to 6% SST.

Product Photography

In the world of online shopping, a good picture of your product is everything. Shoppers won't buy what they can't see. We are happy to connect you with a professional studio who are great in product shoots. Please prepare your own props or models.

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to 6% SST.

  • Junior Photographer and studio: RM 728 for first 2 hours. Subsequent hour: RM 364
  • Senior Photographer and studio: RM 988 for first 2 hours. Subsequent hour: RM 494

Click image to see the studio and shoots.

Graphic Design

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to 6% SST. One amendment is allowed for each design. Top up RM 150 for additional number of amendment.

1. Logo design

Option A

  • Simple design: RM 100

Option A

  • Simple design: RM 300

Option B

  • Professional design: RM 2000

2. Banner or Category image

Option B

  • Professional design: RM 400

As low as RM100*

Get 10%* off

when you spend RM3000 and above.

3. Website design

Option A

Fees include logo, banners, category images and overall layout. 

Option B

Warehousing, Packing & Fulfilment Centres 

Your business is growing quickly and you want to focus on your customers! Do what’s best for your business. You don’t have to pack and store your products by yourself! Save time and money when you engage with the right warehousing and fulfilment centres! 

*Terms and conditions apply. The warehousing agent will fulfill your orders. They will be given access to your order management system (backend of your website).  

Warehouse storage including insurance, inbound and outbound checking, handling customer returns etc: RM59/pallet/month.


Warehouse storage fee as low as


More than 20 years of e-commerce and logistics experience; Allsome brings win-win fulfilment strategies to support online sellers' proactive cross border solutions in the global market.

JD Logistics, a business group under, which leverages the company's advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services.

Coaching fees start from RM500* per session.


Business Coaching

Your business is going nowhere? Need an experienced coach who has been in your shoes? Are you ready to find out what is causing your business to lose money, or not attracting new customers? Let our business coach identify your blind spots, and help you achieve your business goals. Coaching fees start from RM500* per session.

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to 6% SST.

Product Suppliers

You want to start your online business, but you have no product? Wait no more! We connect you to product suppliers, who can offer high profit margins to you. This means that you only need to focus on selling! Let SHOPLINE’s suppliers take care of manufacturing, warehousing, packing and shipping to your customers!

How does it work?

Visit product suppliers' websites to check out their products.




Earn up to 30% gross margins!*

Select products to sell. Email product links to SHOPLINE. (

SHOPLINE builds your website.


Use your website to sell products and receive 100% payment from your customers. 


Visit the product supplier's website to make payment to the supplier. (Use a special coupon code to pay 70% to the supplier; 30% margins is yours to keep.) 


Supplier receives your customer's address and delivers products to the customer. 

So many dropshipping suppliers to choose from!

Pen perfume. 33% margin.


Beauty product. 20% margin.

Skin Need

Beauty product. 10% margin.

Butik lawo

Skincare. 20% margin.

Dcell wellness

Body care. 20% to 30% margin.


Lady personal care. 20% margin. For Singapore only.


Beauty product. 30% margin.

EKW Beauty

Beauty product. 30% margin.



Coffee beans, coffee machine, hand sanitizer. 15% to 20% margin.


Coffee beans, coffee machine. 30% margin.


Coffee Culture

Essential oil. 10% margin.

By Oil Means

Single use plastics and disposable coffee cups. 20% margin.

Eco slurp


Beauty product. 30% margin.

Nica Makeup

Beauty product. 30% margin.

Beauty Mansion

Fashion. 30% margin.



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