Use SHOPLINE Live Streaming Software to sell more online!

Engage with your customers on live videos. Answer their questions live, and receive orders and payments directly during your LIVE STREAM! 

Live streaming is the latest trend for online shoppers to buy your products. Live streaming can happen on a web link or in Facebook Live. Below are screenshots and video of what your customers will see and use! Your audience do not need to download any app to watch and shop!

Watch demo video here →

using Web Link

Watch demo video here →

with Facebook

Who should use SHOPLINE LIVE? 

I love meeting customers. How can I meet them online?

My customers want to see my products before they buy.

I don’t have a team—I am a one-man show. How can I grow my business?

Examples of Really Successful Local Live Streaming Sellers 

NOIR Health & Beauty HQ

She is the founder of NOIR Health and Beauty HQ. She loves sharing about makeup and cosmetics products. With over 1,600 viewers per live session, she is definitely a power seller in selling beauty products online! 

Hermosa Wear

She is the love of all muslimah wear fashionista. With a strong and loyal fanbase of 6,700 watching her going live, she is the expert when it comes to selling trending muslimah fashion online! 

Online G-Shock Malaysia

As an avid fan of watches collection, he is a natural when he introduces and recommends the latest watch collections to his 1,300 viewers and followers. Another category expert in online selling. Kudos!

Bestie Bag Shop

The owner of Bestie Bag Shop is popular for selling premium quality and elegant handbags from Thailand for a fraction of the price. Her products always sold out within the first hour of live video.

SZ Boutique

With her charming personality, she is the sweetheart seller among the livestreamers. She is famous for her great taste in fashion and she sells more than 100 pieces per livestream session!

虾王 Umance

Umance is an online celebrity. He is the pioneer in selling seafood on live videos. He managed to sell more than 5 figures of seafood products in 1 lifestream event.


They love that they can make payment while watching us!

SHOPLINE has improved the way we sell through live-streaming. With this software, we can track and manage all customers’ orders. It used to take us many hours to read every comment, then follow up one by one with potential customers to make payment. Now, we can focus on doing more live streams! Our customers have told us that they love that they can make payment while watching us, and receive their orders fast!

What attracted me to SHOPLINE Live is its attractive shopping cart! It’s such a powerful feature for E-commerce!

Which industry is suitable for SHOPLINE LIVE?

Food & Beverages


Beauty & Skincare


… and many more!

What if I am camera-shy?

You know the importance of live streaming, but you would prefer someone to do it for you? Is it possible to engage a promoter to talk about your products/services LIVE? Yes, it certainly is! SHOPLINE can do it for you. 

Vibrant host, brand ambassador and entrepreneur. With experiences that range across industries, Ismahan has been featured in various prominent international and local magazines for brands. She has also represented organizations on notable platforms including the Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) while supporting critical marketing efforts for various startup businesses.  Fun fact; Ismahan is the Winner of Miss Pink Lady Season 1 and was also host of Miss Pink Lady Travels in Asia!

+ Promoter


Meet other SHOPLINE Promoters

For non-SHOPLINE promoters, additional costs apply.

How does SHOPLINE LIVE + Promoter work?

Step 1: Choose your products 

Select a list of products that you want to promote during your live streaming event.

Step 2: Set a date and time

Set a date and time. Promote the livestream link to friends and family. 

Step 3: Live stream event

During the event, our sales promoter helps you to entertain the audience and sell your products!

Website + Live DIY

Live All-Inclusive

Terms and conditions

¹Advertising spend (i.e. daily budget spent on FB) will be borne by merchants. ²Delivery fee of the products, from merchant to promoter, will be borne by merchants. For non-SHOPLINE promoters, additional costs apply. *You need a SHOPLINE website account to use Live DIY.  Other terms and conditions apply.

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All features in Live DIY and....



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Get on the SHOPLINE Live trend and you’ll receive exclusive tutorials and so much more!

Tutorial 3: How To Set Up a Live Stream Event

Tutorial 1: How To Set Up SHOPLINE LIVE

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Over 200,000 brands in Asia are using SHOPLINE.

Let more people see your brand, fall in love with your shop, and buy your products.

Where can my customers watch my live stream?

Live streaming can happen in Facebook Live or on a web link. Your audience do not need to download any app to watch. Just share the live stream link with your audiences via WhatsApp, Facebook Page or group. Whenever they click on the link, they can watch your live stream.

I am a camera-shy seller. Can you assist me with that?

No worries! We are more than happy to get you a professional promoter to sell your products. We have promoters that speak English, Mandarin and BM. Find out more in the Live + Promoter section.

Is SHOPLINE Live a live streaming platform?

No, we’re not. SHOPLINE Live is a “Live Streaming Software” which provides a full live stream shopping experience, your fans can shop as they watch your live and keep the orders rolling in!


How do I receive payment from customers during my live stream event?

You can receive payment from customer through FPX Credit Card, Bank Transfer or through FPX Online Banking (CIMB Click, Maybank2u and more).

Where can I view my customers’ order?

You can view your customers’ order in the order management page of your SHOPLINE admin panel. Your Live event is auto-sync with your online store’s inventory. When customers order, it will automatically synchronize to your order management page, you don’t need to record it manually.

Can I do product discounts / promotions for live?

Yes. You can do various types of promotions. Example A: Free delivery above a certain amount; Example B: When you spend X (RM 100 and more), you get Y discount; Example C: Affiliate campaign, apply this promo code to enjoy X discount.

How fast can I set up a live session after I make payment to SHOPLINE?

It only takes 24-48 hours (during working hours) to activate your LIVE account. Once it’s activated, you may proceed with the set-up and start a live stream. 


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