Auto-collect orders and payments in your Facebook livestreams!

Never miss an order from your Facebook livestreams! SHOPLINE LIVE is an order plugin for Facebook Live. Your viewers only need to comment a keyword and their orders can be completed automatically. Manage all your orders, payments, customer database and inventory through a single dashboard.

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Who should use SHOPLINE LIVE?

I love doing FB Live, but it takes ages to note down the comments, one-by-one. How can I avoid the hassle?

During my FB Live, my viewers always ask me to repeat information about the product like prices and how to buy. How can I save my time from being repetitive?

I don’t have a team—I am a one-man show. How can I grow my business?

How does it work?

STEP 1 Your customer types in a code in comment.

STEP 2 Your customer receives a Messenger link.

STEP 3 Your customer completes payment!

See how Malaysians are using SHOPLINE LIVE with great success!!!

Watch Hao Ren — a celebrity — made sales using our tool!

NHF successfully sold home air filtration systems during live stream.

Watch Sofruity selling fruits and fresh produce and accepting orders using our tool during Facebook live stream!

Malaysia's largest home decor and wares exhibition uses SHOPLINE LIVE as value-added service to help exhibitors.



Equivalent to RM57/mo

Originally R̶M̶2̶9̶0̶0̶/year

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SHOPLINE LIVE: Collect payment directly during Facebook Live

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Originally R̶̶̶̶̶̶̶M̶̶̶̶̶̶̶2̶4̶1̶/mo

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*Prices are inclusive of 6% SST. Limited time offer. SHOPLINE reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions of promotion and discounts at our discretion without prior notice. ¹Advertising spend (i.e. daily budget spent on FB) will be borne by merchants. ²Delivery fee of the products, from merchant to promoter, will be borne by merchants. Other terms and conditions apply.

What if I am camera-shy?

You know the importance of livestream selling, but would you prefer someone to do it for you? Is it possible to engage a professional livestreamer to talk about your products in person? Yes, SHOPLINE Celebrity Hosts can do it for you!!!

Over 250,000 brands in Asia are using SHOPLINE.


Is SHOPLINE Live a live streaming platform?

No, we’re not. SHOPLINE Live is a “Live Streaming Software” which provides a full live stream shopping experience, your fans can shop as they watch your live and keep the orders rolling in!

How do I receive payment from customers during my live stream event?

You can receive payment from customer through FPX Credit Card, Bank Transfer or through FPX Online Banking (CIMB Click, Maybank2u and more).

Can I do product discounts / promotions for live?

Yes. You can do various types of promotions. Example A: Free delivery above a certain amount; Example B: When you spend X (RM 100 and more), you get Y discount; Example C: Affiliate campaign, apply this promo code to enjoy X discount.

Where can I view my customers’ order?

You can view your customers’ order in the order management page of your SHOPLINE admin panel. Your Live event is auto-sync with your online store’s inventory. When customers order, it will automatically synchronize to your order management page, you don’t need to record it manually.

Where can my customers watch my live stream?

Live streaming can happen in Facebook Live or on a web link. Your audience do not need to download any app to watch. Just share the live stream link with your audiences via WhatsApp, Facebook Page or group. Whenever they click on the link, they can watch your live stream.

How fast can I set up a live session after I make payment to SHOPLINE?

It only takes 24-48 hours (during working hours) to activate your LIVE account. Once it’s activated, you may proceed with the set-up and start a live stream. 

Business hours: Monday—Friday, 10AM—7PM

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