How can I start an online business with no products? Here’s how!

Start your dropshipping business.

Start your online business with zero experience and zero product.  We provide you with an all-inclusive drop shipping business plan.

How to Start Dropshipping — Part 2

How to Start Dropshipping — Part 1


A video series on how to build your dropshipping store.

Who should use SHOPLINE?

I don’t have any product.

I have no clue about digital marketing and marketing in general.

I heard more people are shopping on the Internet than ever before, but how do I tap into this lucrative market?

How does the SHOPLINE Catcher work?

Sell these products on your website. You receive payment from customers.

Confirm your purchase on AliExpress. Supplier delivers to your customer.

Select products from AliExpress.

Your journey to profitability when you start using SHOPLINE Catcher

You want to start a business, but you don't have a product. Don’t have a team. Don’t know how to do marketing.


1. Only Female Apparel products. 

2. Must target USA, Europe. 

3. In week 1: you are required to spend USD100 to USD 200 per day to promote 20 different products. 

3. By the end of week 1, you have spent USD 700 to USD 1400, to promote 140 products.  

4. In week 2: Continue Point 3 and Point 4 using SHOPLINE's matching fund. 

You select products from AliExpress.


You select EKW Beauty lotion.

You build your own store.


Your website → Filled with EKW Beauty lotions, product reviews...

Your website is ready. You can start selling.

via Smart Ads (compulsory)

Use SHOPLINE's Smart Ads System to run ads. Potential customers see your ad; they visit your website. 

You receive an order from your website.


EKW Beauty Rose Toner
Your Selling Price RM10

You use Catcher to purchase the product on AliExpress


You only pay RM7 for EKW Beauty Rose Toner on AliExpress.

Your customer receives the order from your AliExpress supplier. Remember to provide good customer service in order to get positive reviews!

Success Story

Today I make RM12,000 a month solely from drop shipping. But that is not without trial and error and painful lessons. Having said that, the experience only took me less than a year in order for me to achieve my goal.


Dropshipping Entrepreneur / 27-year old / Penang



Equivalent to RM90/mo

Originally R̶M̶5̶8̶0̶0̶/year

Tie your Shopee store and Facebook channels with your website to boost sales!


3-in-1 Pro

Originally R̶M̶7̶8̶0̶0̶/year

Great for business owners with established channels and existing customer base. Gain more new customers and cultivate brand loyalty with CRM and advanced marketing tools.

Includes all features from SHOPLINE 3-in-1 Plan.


All-in-1 Pro

Originally R̶M̶9̶8̶0̶0̶/year

Excellent for large enterprises that demand data for analysis and complete customization.

Includes all features from SHOPLINE 3-in-1 and 3-in-1 Pro Plans.

SHOPLINE Catcher is included!

*Terms and conditions apply. All prices displayed are inclusive of 6% SST. An early cancellation fee applies. *Annual plans, paid monthly.

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SHOPLINE Catcher is a software tool that pulls data from AliExpress which is used to populate your SHOPLINE e-commerce website. It works in tandem with Google Chrome browser as plug-in to make the entire experience seamless so that a non-programmer like you could focus on making drop shipping sales. Essentially, it is an integrated tool for your SHOPLINE website. It could neither be used with a different website builder/e-commerce platform nor could it pull data from other marketplaces besides AliExpress. Click the button below to learn more about the technology in detail. It is a 20-page read.

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