Nurture prospect leads and drive more sales with SHOPLINE CHAT BOT!

Automate your Facebook Messenger with standard replies, attend to customer enquiries 24/7 and promote your products with in-chat shopping features. Click here to learn how to set up SHOPLINE Chat Bot:


Learn how our merchants made tens of thousands of ringgit in sales using SHOPLINE Chat Bot on your Facebook Page!

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Customers can select from a menu of options to shop or they can ask a question. When SHOPLINE CHAT BOT detects the keywords, it will respond immediately. Below are screenshots of what your customers will see and use!

Who is this for?

I always receive similar questions on products or delivery...

Sometimes, I might overlook customers' messages as there were too many enquiries...

I don’t have a team. I’m a one-man show. How can I grow my business?

Keep your business running even while you sleep. SHOPLINE CHAT BOT is there for your customers 24/7!!!

Interact with your customers 24/7

Never miss the chance to greet, sell or help your customers. Handle customer’s sales objections and reduce the number of repetitive enquiries with automated responses. Add a customer representative to the loop and chat directly with customers when needed.

Drive Online Sale

Turn your visitors into paying customers, cross sell and upsell them automatically with in-chat shopping features. Allow them to shop in Facebook messenger with just a few clicks.

Generate and nurture leads

SHOPLINE CHAT BOT works for you all day everyday - asking questions, gathering contact info (name, emails or phone numbers) and nurturing them towards a sale.

Key Features

In-chat shopping feature

Display your products or services in Messenger Menu or product catalog, allow your customers to shop in Facebook Messenger with just a few clicks.

Order update notification

Keep your customer informed on their order and delivery status via Facebook Messenger and email.

Membership Quick Sign Up Link

Start turning your new customers into loyal customers. Guide customers to become your shop members via Messenger Menu.


Chatbot templates

Launch your Chatbot in minutes with quick templates. Customize the questions and menu options that are tailored to your business needs.

Easy-to-understand metrics and reports

See the number of chats and how people interact with your chatbots. See what data chatbots collected and pass data to your marketing and sales team.

Gain access to
e-commerce consultants

Get the help you need conveniently — via WhatsApp, phone call or face-to-face discussion.

You can list up to 1000 products in your store! 

Upgrade your plan for no limit.

of common questions instantly resolved

improvement in 

customer response times

of your time saved


With a growing number of Facebook Enquiries, we could not handle it manually, so we put in place SHOPLINE Chat bot. After only a month, we were able to increase our response time. Our customers love the Messenger in-chat shopping feature.

Is it easy to set up SHOPLINE Chat Bot?

Yes, it is very easy to set it up - only 10 minutes. We provide you with tutorial video and articles, to guide you step by step. We will also support you via whatsapp whenever needed.


Follow the step-by-step guide below and/or watch the video →


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We will create a WhatsApp group to support you, and provide you with tutorial guides. You can add your team into the WhatsApp group. 

We are a one-stop centre for businesses to sell on Facebook successfully.

Besides Chat Bot, we also offer Live Stream Selling Software — a tool that allows your live stream audience to make purchases as they watch. Click the button below to check out more.

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Over 350,000 brands in Asia are using SHOPLINE


What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

A chatbot is a tool that allows you to automatically communicate with your customers, answer FAQs, generate leads or nurture them towards a sale.

Why do I need a Messenger bot?

Shoppers always have similar questions about delivery and product details before they place their first orders. 

With chatbot, shoppers' enquiries can be attended to 24/7, even outside of business hours.

Can my chatbot speak multiple languages?

Yes — you can personalise your chatbot’s messages based on your preferred languages, when the system detects the keywords, it will automatically reply to your customer messages with the language they speak.




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