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  • Drive Sales
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness

Our successful merchants have chosen to engage SHOPLINE's marketing team to manage Facebook ads and Instagram ads for them. What about you? We can create ad campaigns to:

Why Are Facebook Ads So Important To Your Business?

You can target the customers you really want: Based on age, interests, behaviour, and location.

Huge Mobile Audience: Over 2 billion people use Facebook.

Better value for money than traditional advertising:  You can understand exactly where your ad spend is going and truly understand your ROI.

Set up Facebook ads manager

Design advertisement (creative and copy)

Strategise audience targeting

What we do to help your business grow?

Study and learn about your business

Produce a final report at the end of the campaign

Monitor and improve ad performance regularly

Successful ads done by SHOPLINE

Fee Structure

  • You want to spend RM35 daily on facebook ads.
  • You want to advertise for 30 days.
  • In total, you want to spend RM1050 on facebook ads.
  • SHOPLINE takes 12% of RM 1050 (equal to RM126).
  • In the end, RM924 goes to facebook ads, and RM126 to SHOPLINE





Monthly Ad Spend 

Fee = % of Ad Spend


> RM1000

Monthly Ad Spend 

Fee = % of Ad Spend

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to 6% SST. One amendment is allowed for each design and each copywriting. Top up RM 150 for additional number of amendment.

What to expect from your Facebook Ads?

Advice #1: You do need to spend money to make money. 

  • For newer companies or those are aggressively trying to scale fast, your ad costs should be around 20% of your overall gross revenue. 
  • For more established companies looking to maintain and increase profitability, 10% of your overall gross revenue is typically a good place to hit. Established companies already have a base of loyal clients.Thus, marketing is used to keep them engaged and connect with newer audiences, instead of needing to start from the bottom.
  • For example, if you are aiming to get RM 5000 of gross revenue, you are recommended to set aside RM 1000 of budget monthly, for 3 months [Budget: RM 3000].

Advice #2: You should not spend money that you absolutely cannot afford to lose. 

  • There is a lot of trial and error in marketing, even from experts, especially when you get started. If not profiting on that RM1000 marketing ad spend means you’ll lose your house, don’t spend it.

Advice #3: You should not invest in marketing if you want immediate sales results or expect guaranteed sales results. 

  • Marketing can be considered a "gamble". Some hit and miss is normal while you run split tests on everything from product pricing to marketing messaging and figure out what works. No one can guarantee sales results. But you will surely LEARN what people like/don't like about your product pricing/ marketing messaging - which help you to make better business decisions. 

Package includes the following

Ads Manager Set up

1 x Creative

We study your products/business to design attractive Facebook ads that attract the eye of FB users.

1 x Copywriting

We’ll prepare compelling write up and attention-grabbing headlines that align to your marketing objective.

1 x Review

Businesses are given the opportunity to review and approve all content before it goes live on Facebook.


We provide clear and easy-to-understand reports, that show you the results of your ad.

Client Success Stories

How many creative will I get with this package?

You get 1 free creative in your ad management package for the first time. Subsequent creatives will have to be purchased (from RM 100 per creative).


How many copywriting options will I get with 1 ad?

You get 1 copywriting for 1 ad.

Is there a minimum spending, to be entitled to SHOPLINE ads management?

Yes, RM 600.

How many Facebook Ads will I get?

Number of FB ads depends on your daily budget. With less than RM 50 per day, 1 ad (To ensure your ad is fully optimize). With more than RM 50 per day, 2 ads.

Does the package include Facebook and Instagram account set-up?

Merchant is required to set up their own facebook account and instagram account.

I already have my own Facebook page. Can I use my Facebook page to advertise?

SHOPLINE uses Facebook Ads manager to advertise. We will connect your Facebook page to our Facebook Ads Manager.

Do you provide teaching or training?

This option does not provide training, does not provide teaching, does not provide face-to-face meetings.

How do I get started?

Full payment of ad spends need to be made upfront to SHOPLINE, then our professional team will start designing your ad creative, copywriting, then launch your ad.


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