How do you get thousands of relevant people to visit your website?

Our successful merchants have chosen to engage SHOPLINE's marketing team to manage Facebook ads and Instagram ads for them. What about you? We can create ad campaigns to:

  • Drive Sales
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness

Why Are Facebook Ads So Important To Your Business?

You can target the customers you really want: Based on age, interests, behaviour, and location.

Huge Mobile Audience: Over 2 billion people use Facebook.

Better value for money than traditional advertising:  You can understand exactly where your ad spend is going and truly understand your ROI.

Client Success Stories

Successful ads done by SHOPLINE

Our Process

Study and learn about your business

Step 1:

Set up Facebook ads manager

Step 2:

Planning the ad details

(Design & copywriting)

Step 3:

Strategise audience targeting

Step 4:

Monitor and improve ad performance regularly

Step 5:

Produce a final report at the end of the campaign

Step 6:

Exclusive 2021 Pricing Plans

Facebook Advertising Offers

All plans include:

• FB Ads Training Class (45-minutes) worth RM500

• Ad account & Facebook pixel setup worth RM500

• Monthly advertising report

• Online support by Ads Specialist




FB Ad Credits: RM2,000


Campaign Objectives:

✔️Increase Facebook Page Likes

✔️Increase Website Traffic

✔️Increase Brand Awareness

✔️Generate Facebook Leads

✔️Increase Video Views

✔️Remarketing & Retargeting

✔️Increase Conversions/Sales

Free 2️⃣ creatives worth RM400




FB Ad Credits: RM750


Campaign Objectives:

✔️Increase Facebook Page Likes

✔️Increase Website Traffic

✔️Increase Brand Awareness

Free 1️⃣ creatives worth RM200




FB Ad Credits: RM2,800


Campaign Objectives:

✔️Increase Facebook Page Likes

✔️Increase Website Traffic

✔️Increase Brand Awareness

✔️Generate Facebook Leads

✔️Increase Video Views

✔️Remarketing & Retargeting

✔️Increase Conversions/Sales

Free 2️⃣ creatives worth RM400




FB Ads Credit: RM4,250


Campaign Objectives:

✔️Increase Facebook Page Likes

✔️Increase Website Traffic

✔️Increase Brand Awareness

✔️Generate Facebook Leads

✔️Increase Video Views

✔️Remarketing & Retargeting

✔️Increase Conversions/Sales

✔️Catalog Sales

💁 Dedicated Support Hotline

Free 2️⃣ creatives worth RM400

Terms & Conditions:

1. Maximum ad duration is 2 months for each package

2. The free creative promo is for new customers only. It is a one-off promotion and cannot be stacked against other promotions. It is non-transferable or exchangeable for other services. We can provide 1 amendment if the design is not satisfactory. For further amendments, a change fee of RM200 applies.

3. The advertising plan is limited to ads only, excluding Facebook page management, replying comments/messages or customer service.

4. Government tax of 6% applies to the above advertising plans.

5. The advertising plans are non-refundable or transferable.

6. Once the advertising campaign's details has been confirmed, additional changes in the campaign (campaign duration, target audience, target location, and other related items) are not allowed. Creative changes are subject to a change fee of RM200.

7. The above executions are subject to the supply of accurate information from the client. We shall not be responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

8. We accept no liability whatsoever for any loss directly or indirectly consequential arising in the service rendered to the client.

9. We reserve the right to make adjustments to pricing and offerings without further notice.

10. We do not guarantee the results, sales, or performance of the ads.


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Other FAQs

⭐ What ad objectives do you offer?

Depending on the plan you've selected, we can run ads to increase Facebook page likes, increase website traffic, increase brand awareness, Facebook remarketing, generate Facebook leads, or increase video views.

⭐ Do you have Malay or Mandarin ads?

Yes we do, you have to let us know your desired language for ads.

⭐ What's the difference between my current FB ads that I did compare to your services in terms of result?

You can expect different results as the audience targeting is different. If your targeting is very clear, we can help you to improve and suggest other kinds of targetings.

⭐ Can you guarantee the reach or sales for the ads?

With RM2,000 ads credit, the reach is approximately 200,000 people. The final outcome depends on your targeting, creative format and also industry.

⭐ I don't have a FB and IG page, will Shopline assist in creating for us?

Our plan does not include setting up the FB and IG page. We'll need admin access to existing social media accounts to run the ads for you.

⭐ How many products can I promote in this campaign?

You can put multiple products within one ad, but we usually suggest to keep it within 2-3 products.

⭐ How long is the plan valid for?

The plan is valid for 2 months upon payment.

⭐ What's next after I sign up?

You will be onboarded by our Consultant and our Ads Specialist will contact you regarding the creatives and targeting.

⭐ I don't have any good photos and descriptions of my product, can Shopline assist?

The package does not include any product photo or description optimization, but we can suggest resources for you to learn from.

⭐ Is it possible to run 2 campaigns in BM & EN at the same time?

Yes we can, for the Standard and Advanced Plans. For separate languages, we will allocate separate budgets, this will bring better results. 

⭐ How does Shopline ensure that the campaign is running smoothly and efficiently?

We have in-house marketers that look at your ad account to make sure everything is alright.

⭐ How do I know if the campaign went successfully?

Our Ads Specialist will provide you with a report at the end of the campaign to advise you, and inform you whether you should continue or try something else.

⭐ What will the end of campaign report consist of?

It will include a summary of the results, how much traffic or leads you had, as well as audience insights to allow you to know how the campaign went.

⭐ If I want to increase my ad spends, what's the process?

Simply make a payment on our online store, and we will add your spending to the campaigns.

⭐ How many times can I change the artwork and content of the creative campaign?

For our in-house creative service, change fee applies. If you have your own creative team, you can finalize the design and send it to us. The sooner you send it to us, the sooner we can activate it.

⭐ Do I have to allocate resources to work with Shopline for this?

Ideally, yes! If you have a designer, we can get the designs from them and we won’t charge additional fees for creatives. We can activate your ads for you within 3-5 working days of receiving their creatives.

⭐ Which platforms will my ads appear in?

Your ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, as well as the Facebook Audience Network (Facebook websites partners).

Business hours: Monday—Friday, 10AM—7PM

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